A couple of years back we were looking for something to segregate all our toddlers toys so they didn’t turn out their entire contents of the toy box every time it was playtime. After trying a number of storage solutions on the market, drawstring bags, trunks, plastic boxes, more plastic boxes (you know!) we decided to create our own standard size and shape.

Vicky: “My boys love Thomas the Tank, Cars, Peppa Pig and playing Tea Time. The bags allow them to pull out their preferred toy and allow me to tidy them away neatly”

Claire: “I just couldn’t understand it, a room full of toys but my children didn’t seem to want to play with any of them.  With the standard toy boxes the toys seemed to get lost and I think my children forgot they had them.   I was also looking for something to store neatly in open shelving and something I can grab and take away on weekends, the Pack Stack Play bag is easy and so accessible”